The problem when you live in a town where everyone is beautiful is that you’re never satisfied with what you have — you’re always looking for something better to come along. That's why guys like to keep their options open. Of course, they still want the “girlfriend experience” without the headache of having to commit. Basically, they want to have their cake and eat it too. Like when a guy that you’re casually hooking up with decides to stay a whole week at your place for no good reason and starts asking you to rub his back. 

"Do I look like a masseuse?" 

Or when you’re taking a bath and he asks you to wash his butt.

"Do I look like your damn mom?"

Or how about when you’re packing his backpack with all the crap he left behind and you just so happen to stumble upon three pairs of another woman’s dirty undies. You skip the denial phase and go straight to anger.

“What the fuck?!” 

You drive over to his place, demanding an explanation. He claims he’s not sleeping with anyone and the panties were a prop for an Instagram video he did a year ago. 

"Do I look like a dumb bitch?"

Since he’s not giving you anything of substance — just his usual bullshit — you head straight for the door. It’s time to put an end to this fuckery once and for all. You have every intention of walking away and never looking back, when suddenly, things take an unexpected turn…










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